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Kreativ Dental Clinic - Dental Treatment Abroad in Budapest

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Kreativ Dental Clinic in Dental Tourism Documentary

A UK television Documentary about Dental Treatment Abroad featuring Kreativ Dental Clinic was screened during October and December 2012.

Dental Treatment Abroad in Hungary

The documentary was screened on the following dates…

•  Tuesday 09th October 2012 7.30pm - Missed it? Catch up online

•  Sunday 14th October 2012 6.00pm - Missed it? Catch up online

•  Tuesday 04th December 2012 7.30pm - Missed it? Catch up online

•  Sunday 09th December 2012 6.00pm - Missed it? Catch up online

The documentary series, which was titled "HOW TO... Plan for your retirement" provided guidance and advice to viewers on just about everything you will need to know in order to plan your retirement.

In the featured Dentistry Abroad episodes the "HOW TO" team took a trip to Hungary to examine the growing trend of dental tourism, talking to experts, reviewing the latest techniques and treatment options, and hearing from patients who had treatment at the Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest.

Dental Treatment Abroad started some 10 or 11 years ago and the demand for affordable high quality treatment has been growing ever since. In 2011 just under 20,000 people travelled to Hungary seeking dentistry abroad. Most of these patients are looking for affordable dental implant prices which can be very expensive in the UK. Dental implants at Kreativ Dental are £785, this includes the implant, the implant abutment and the implant crown.

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Free Dental Consultation, Hotel & Flight Package...

  • FREE one-night stay at one of our Hotels
  • FREE Consultation and Treatment Plan
  • FREE OPG X-Ray (normal price £40)
  • FREE Airport Transfer (for up to 2 persons)

*Conditions for flight ticket reimbursement
If you decide to commence your treatment within 6 months of having your Consultation, your Flight Ticket from your initial consultation visit will be reimbursed as follows;

•  A total Treatment Plan value of more than £1500; your Flight Ticket will be reimbursed up to a maximum value of £150

Booking your FREE consultation

We offer 2 options when booking your first visit to the clinic.

Option 1 - Consultation Only with 1 Night Free Hotel included
Visit the clinic for your initial Consultation, have your treatment plan drawn up, meet the staff who will be treating you, familiarise yourself with the surroundings and return at a later date to commence treatment.

Option 2 - Consultation + Start Treatment with 1 Night Free Hotel included
A 4/5 day stay is recommended for your initial Consultation and to commence any possible treatment.

For further information or, if you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact us online or call our UK office on 0203 6530 331.


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