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Dental Treatment Abroad

Dental Treatment Abroad Review

Robert Atiko from London

Dental Implants, Crowns

I live in London working as an actor and am of a certain age where the majority of my dental treatment has been what I can only describe as 'drill and fill.' It seems very little time was ever spent on preventative advice. My dentist would look into my mouth every six months or so, review the damage and fill in the holes. As you can imagine this approach to dentistry can only last for so long as eventually there's not enough tooth left to fill!

Robert Atiko receiving dental treatment abroad

I knew I needed extensive treatment including implants which to be honest was too expensive to contemplate in the UK. I'd heard of dental practices in far-flung places of the world making big promises, quoting cheap prices and offering no guarantees. Whilst attractive from an economic point of view, I couldn't bring myself to take the risk. Fortunately, my sister worked as a practice manager in a well known south London dental practice and I asked for her opinion on any of the numerous European destinations offering dental treatment abroad.

Based on her experience of seeing many patients having routine dental work at the practice where she worked after having had more extensive treatment overseas she had no hesitation in recommending Kreativ Dental in Budapest. She didn't include Kreativ with other possible clinics, she merely said from what she had seen, the dental work of patients who had previously utilised the services of Kreativ appeared to be superior. My sister is a consummate professional and this recommendation was good enough for me.

Robert Atiko having dentistry abroad

Via the Kreativ Dental website I made contact with their UK representative Ben Erskine who was a delight to deal with. There was no hard sell, he was just extremely confident about the level of service they offer and also the aftercare which was perhaps my biggest concern. I'd heard stories about dental work undertaken abroad going seriously wrong and UK dentists refusing to deal with someone else's work. Ben assured me if there were complications (which is a possibility with any dental work) they would treat it free of charge at Kreativ, although this would entail another trip, which is why they also have two dental partners in the UK . Fortunately I didn't need to utilise these services but it was reassuring to know they were in place.

Ben sent me an information pack which arrived a couple of days after our conversation, and covered all the areas of concern to me. I decided to take the plunge and booked a consultation package. To be brief, I could not have been more impressed. I walked into the arrivals hall at Budapest airport and immediately saw the Kreativ Dental desk on the left hand side. I was transferred to my hotel and taken to the clinic the following day. The clinic is purpose built, spotlessly clean, and somehow has a calm, efficient feel to it. This is probably something to do with the giant circular aquarium in the main reception area and the fact there's an iPad next to every chair so I could catch up on a few emails, rather than worry about what might lie ahead. Following a 360 degree scan of my teeth I met with my dentist who proposed a dental plan. We discussed the plan in lay-mans terms and decided on a full dental restoration which included crowns, bridge work and implants. Incidentally, if anyone reading this is worried about having implants (the procedure is invasive) I genuinely didn't feel a thing. Every step of the way my treatment was discussed in a relaxed manner with my dentist, all the work was done in-house by their own technicians in their own laboratories and I could not be happier with the outcome.

I have natural looking teeth with character, which have provided me with a new confidence when working as an actor. To conclude, the work exceeded my expectations, was charged at the price I was quoted which was considerably cheaper than comparable work in the UK and I also managed to get out and about in the beautiful city of Budapest. I visited so many places and even spent time luxuriating in one of the numerous spas. However, I'll leave the exploring of this wonderful city to you if you decide to have some treatment at Kreativ Dental... I'd recommend it to anyone.

You obviously can't beat first hand experience, but if you are considering undertaking dental work overseas have a look at their website, it's up to date, informative and most importantly, accurate.


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