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Dental Treatment Abroad Review

Tim Staddon from Leeds

Dental Implant, Crowns, Bridge

To anyone who's ever had unpleasant experiences with UK dentists and now fears the chair, I've been there and know your pain… and I can say, hand on heart, Kreativ were so good they've cured me of it.

Until visiting Kreativ I never felt at all comfortable in a dentist's chair, not even for a routine check-up! After an accident in my early teens I had a four hour operation from hell followed by several other horrible procedures leading eventually to a cantilever bridge being fitted to the top row. I was told it would last 4-5 years but I then had over two decades' worth of different UK dentists (who never seem to stay in one place for very long) saying it didn't need revisiting and/or would be too complicated to replace. For the last 2 years I've had occasional tooth aches on the teeth it was anchored to. Eventually the bridge failed completely, leaving one of the anchor teeth dead. I was quoted far more than £5000 to resolve the situation in the UK with close to a year's worth of procedures and recovery.

Based on personal recommendations from its past clients, I decided to go to Kreativ for an initial examination with a few days spare for sightseeing. I was examined by Dr Cristian Pilihaci, who suggested an implant could be fitted that week immediately after extracting the dead tooth, shaving over 4 months off the treatment plan and since I had time to spare, I agreed to go for it.

To my utmost surprise the procedure for both actions took less than two hours from start to finish and it was the most comfortable experience I've ever had in a dentist's chair – no exceptions. I've had far more discomfort even on routine check-ups in the UK than I had for the duration of this procedure – I was sat more or less upright during the extraction, didn't feel the injections, and the team was efficient and reassuring. The failed bridge was cleaned and put back over the implant to protect it during the healing process – using temporary adhesive that proved very resilient.

I was given painkillers and post-op medicines for the flight home but I didn't need the painkillers at all – I didn't have so much as a twinge even after the anaesthesia wore off.

A few months later I went back in for the new bridge to be fitted and was happy to see Dr Pilhaci again. This wasn't quite as comfortable as the previous visit mainly thanks to my old bridge putting up such a gallant fight before final removal, but even so, the experience was light years ahead of the discomfort I'm used to with UK dentists. A temporary (unfixed) bridge was created just to last for a couple of days, and that fitted over the anchor tooth and implant like a glove. After the new bridge was fitted (again, a nearly pain-free experience) the scans revealed a problem with a root canal I'd had done in the UK and Kreativ recommended I got that seen to ASAP. Since I had nothing better to do that evening, we booked it in for the evening… giving me time to get back to the hotel and try the bridge out with a steak dinner!

Getting a root canal is one of the less comfortable experiences most people are likely to have in a dentist's chair so I expected the process of drilling out the root canal and then redoing it to be longer and even less uncomfortable, but under the care of Dr Ádám Bíró this work was completed with minimal fuss, and it was nowhere near as unpleasant as even getting the original done in the UK had been. Finally, I left the clinic with a complete set of before-and-after shots, scan images and a new lease of life for my upper teeth.

So, with less than 5 days spent being treated in the clinic, with treatment carried out in only two calendar weeks (four months apart), I had a defective bridge removed, a dead tooth removed, an implant fitted, a temporary bridge made, a permanent bridge made and fitted, and a root canal re-worked – and I can honestly say those were the best two weeks I've ever spent in any dentist's chair. Not only would I recommend Kreativ to anyone requiring complex procedures, I would recommend them simply for the continuity of care under the same dental surgeons, the professional and caring staff, the efficiency and the fact that the overall experience at Kreativ totally outclassed any equivalent experience I've had with any UK dentist.


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