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Gearard Slamon - London

Hi Frederick,

I just wanted to let you know that my recent visit to the Kreativ Dental Clinic was a great success. Peter Magos, my dentist on this occasion, was incredibly helpful in carrying out the work that was needed and he made sure that I left the Clinic competely satisfied. He listened very carefully to my suggestions regarding the work of 'individualizing' the upper front teeth on my telecopic crowns (denture) which left me with a natural looking smile.

I was so thrilled with the work that I returned to the Clinic on the Monday morning to ask Peter if it was possible to take the naturalizing process just a small step further. I had no appointment for the Monday but despite the obviously busy waiting room, Noemi (who was very warm and welcoming as always) spoke to Peter who managed to create a space for me there and then during which he himself finished the individualizing process to my complete satisfaction.

This was my first time to see the new Clinic which impressed me greatly but not nearly as much as the warm welcome and efficient treatment that I received from Peter, Noemi and the Laboratory Staff at Kreativ Dental. I have returned from Budapest singing your praises anew and encouraging my friends and colleagues to treat themselves to a high-quality dental experience at a sophisticated and reliable Clinic in a beautiful city. So well done everybody and thanks for making this such an enjoyable and successful visit.

Please forward this email, on my behalf, to Atilla, Peter and the staff at Kreativ Dental.

Many thanks

Gerry Slamon


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