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Frank Rickwood - Hampshire

Dental Implants Abroad - Frank Rickwood's experiences

The NHS dentist could be regarded as a rare species these days, and if you do not manage to locate one then the next option would have to be the private dental practice. That was indeed my own situation; however the problem was the costs involved here were mostly within the reach of footballers wives! Implants around £2000 if you are lucky, a crown in porcelain fused to metal around £470, a simple bridge unit around also £470, with such expense I just could not afford it.

I then saw an article about dental treatment abroad, - in Hungary in particular. I researched this in details and discovered a highly reputed clinic in Budapest named Kreativ Dental they supposedly had the most modern clinic in Europe and charged very competitive prices. One could even go there first for a full examination, X ray and written quotation all absolutely free! So since flights were reasonably priced and Budapest is a beautiful city on the Danube, my wife and I decided to go and find out more. Their prices seemed amazing with implants not £2k but £605, crown not £470 but £215, and bridge again not £470 but again only £216 – and all with a full written guarantee as well.

Our visit proved to be most impressive. An ultra modern purpose built clinic with several dental surgeries and their won internal laboratory making all the crowns, bridges etc on site, there was an X ray room and their own CT scanner. It also included a fully equipped training centre. The waiting area for patients was comfortably designer furnished and has sound pods arranged so you could select and listen individually to music or new via headphones from your armchair. In the centre was a giant cylindrical aquarium like a mini Indian Ocean complete with the coral and exotic fish swimming around. This eco-friendly building is even heated using underground natural thermal sources.

There was also a roof-top Japanese garden and café with a bank of free computers all Internet connected. A chance to relax and enjoy the panoramic views across to the city, with intercom to call you down for your treatment when ready. Background music softly plays and TV screens are live.

The individual surgeries are accessed via auto footpad operated sliding glass doors and inside are the computerised displays alongside you in the chair, all visible and easily understood. Hygiene is of the highest standard. All the staff speak perfect English.

The who has achieved this ultra high standards is Atilla Knott and he has even incorporated a luxury flat for his parents within this building. Because his dental surgeons must work standing up and bending over patients most of their day, he has provided a fully equipped gymnasium for their use to keep them fit. All of which is within this same building set in green surroundings with a pond and yet more fish all fringed with exotic plants and flowers.

When you enter and go up in the lift you find the corridor wall is lined with press cuttings from UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Austria and the USA. All with firm favourable comments about this exceptional establishment. We have now made several visits for dental treatment, each time our hotel bill was on reduced terms and we were given free pass for all public transport, (Metro, Bus, Tram, Trolley) and met and taken to our Hotel from the airport by their chauffeur.

When my UK dentist saw some of their treatment standards he was very impressed indeed. So why are their prices for such quality services some 65% less than here? They had maintained the same prices for the last 5 years, and have only recently made some modest increases due to the lower value of the £, but only for new customers. My treatment will be completed in September but still at the price quoted originally. That's typical of their way of doing business.

I spoke at length with their administrative manager, he said that the number of fully qualified dental surgeons in Hungary per head of population is way above the UK, their dentist's attitude is entirely different to British clinic, not primarily to make money but feel satisfied by giving excellent and affordable treatment, all against considerable competition too. Their implants and materials are obtained from the same sources as in the UK, their lab and surgical equipment is of the world's highest standard from Germany and Japan, With such high standards they give a lifetime warranty on implants. They manufacture all the crowns, bridges, dentures etc, in-house so that in itself makes them more competitive in comparison with most UK dentists who have to contract out all laboratory work. The Kreativ laboratory is most impressive with advanced equipment and world-class technicians. Fascinating to watch these technicians at work, creating with such skill. Attila says "it's not all technology, … more like art!"

Recent articles have appeared in Readers Digest and other publications about other dental services in Hungary, they refer to "grim looking Eastern European buildings" and concerns about after care. But if you look at the video on the Kreativ Dental website ( you will see a very different picture. Their UK agents are efficient and ready to advise you.

One can also do well to combine a dental treatment visit with an opportunity to tour the beautiful city of Budapest. The Hungarian language is indeed strange and unlike any other, but all the clinic staff speak perfect English and outside most of the younger generation speak English too and are very friendly and helpful. You will still be within the EU but will need their forints to buy things outside.

Finally however, if you pay for any treatment by cash in sterling they will even give you a 3% discount!!

Mention my name and you might even get a nice smile from Neomi on the reception desk!


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