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Root Canal Treatment - Introduction

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Therapy) is a sequence of dental surgical procedures carried out to eliminate the infected blood vessels and nerves (known as the pulp) in a tooth’s root canal system and isolate the decontaminated root filling from further bacterial infection with a post-core and Crown or cement filling.

The pulp can become infected through tooth decay, leaking fillings, periodontal disease or injury and if not treated will very often lead to an abscess. A tooth / root abscess is pus enclosed in the jaw bone tissue at the apex of the root of an infected tooth.

The most noticeable symptoms of an abscess are a constant dull to severe pain and sensitivity when biting pressure is applied and/or a fistula.

If Root Canal Treatment is not carried out, the infection can spread and the tooth will need to be extracted.

The dentists at Kreativ Dental advise and will always try wherever possible to retain your natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. The treatment should not be painful and certainly no more unpleasant than having a filling.

Depending upon the case, several visits may be necessary to complete the root canal treatment.

At Kreativ we are well aware of the extra cost and inconvenience in having to make numerous trips to the Clinic for treatment however our primary aim is provide the highest quality dental treatment that is clinically, functionally and aesthetically correct. Our dentists need to be sure that any teeth used as bases for Crown or Bridge work are sound and healthy if they are to be suitable for long term restorative treatment which is why we allow healing time to ensure the success of the root canal treatment before continuing.

Endodontic Specialist

Dental Schools/ Universities give root canal training to all dentists however, to successfully complete root canal treatment – especially difficult cases - requires considerable skill and it is time consuming.

Endodontistry is a speciality within dentistry requiring additional years of training.

At Kreativ we our own in-house Endodontic specialists, Dr. Zoltán János Nagy .
He is available to treat all root canal cases.

Dr. Árpád Nagy

Using the most up to date technology available for Endodontic treatment, we perform root canal treatment to the very highest standards with 97% of patients retaining their teeth for more than 5 years following root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment - Procedure

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First the dentist cleans and disinfects the root/s and places a medicinal filling. In most cases to help ensure the success of the treatment, your dentist will usually allow a healing period before he removes the gutta percha temporary filling then cleans the area again before the root is closed with either a permanent cement filling or more often, a Crown.

In many cases the infection in the bone tissue at the apex of the root of an infected tooth will heal naturally however medication can also be administered when necessary.

Root Canal Treatment + Crown

Drilling into a tooth weakens the tooth’s structural integrity. Following a root canal treatment, placement of a Crown will often be advised for strength and also because Crowns are best for sealing the root canaled tooth to protect against any further infection.

Zeiss OPMI Pico Surgical Microscope

The Zeiss OPMI Pico Surgical Microscope provides 21.3 x magnification. It is used exclusively by our Endodontists for Root Canal Treatment.

Zeiss OPMI Pico Surgical Microscope at Kreativ Dental

Root Canal Treatment Prices.

Root Canal treatment is expensive in the UK. Find below our prices which show you the savings available.

Root Canal Treatment per canal £140.00 £250.00 £110

Please note that front teeth usually have one canal and molar (back) teeth usually have three.

View all treatments and prices.

Long Term Outlook

A root canaled tooth properly treated and restored will last for many years. At Kreativ Dental, 97% of patients had retained their teeth more than 5 years following the procedure.

Please note however that not all root canal treatments are successful and depending upon the individual case, root canal treatment can sometimes fail to heal the infection correctly with the result that the tooth usually has to be extracted.

If you require professional & precision cosmetic dentistry or dental implant treatment at reasonable Hungarian prices, the solution is Kreativ Dental.


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