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Kreativ Dental Clinic Hungary - Recommended Dentist Abroad

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Kreativ Dental Clinic - Trusted & Recommended Dental Surgery Abroad

Kreativ Dental Clinic currently sees between 200 and 250 patients from the UK and Ireland every month at our dental surgery in Hungary. We are tried tested and trusted by the many 1000's of UK patients who have visited us over the last decade.

We have 100's of independent reviews and accreditations from the most important organisations in dental tourism and business practices.

The Dental Treatment Abroad Code of Practice

Teeth Implants Supported Dentures at Kreativ Dental Clinic

Since 2010 we have been compliant and accredited with the "dental treatment abroad code of practice".

The code of practice is an assessment and evaluation procedure carried out by UK consultants Treatment Abroad to encourage best practices in dental tourism, drive quality and provide reassurance to patients about the services.

Read the results of the accreditation and the criteria >

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Crowns, Implants, Inlay and Bridge work at Kreativ Dental Clinic recommended dental clinics abroad

The Kreativ Dental Clinic is ISO 9001:2008 certified. ISO 9001:2008 is the key internationally agreed standard for quality management systems. The ISO 9001:2008 standard ensures our top level management commits to the quality system and develops it according to our customers' needs and the business' objectives. It ensures the people, infrastructure and work environment needed to implement and improve quality systems are in place and it ensures we continue to deliver what our patients want.

The Association of Leading Hungarian Dental Clinics Code of Practice

Dental Implants Abroad

As a member of the Association of Leading Hungarian Dental Clinics we continue to meet the associations code of practice.

The association is committed to providing a high standard of ethics and professional conduct of their members .

Read the code of practice >

Highly Rated Independent Reviews

Kreativ Dental Clinica  Recommended Dental Surgery Abroad

Kreativ Dental receives many highly rated reviews across independently assessed medical and dental tourism review websites.

To read the independent reviews click here >

Patient Testimonials, Photos and Stories

Crowns, Implants, Inlay and Bridge work at Kreativ Dental Clinic recommended dental clinics abroad

Our patients always have the opportunity to tell us about their experiences and the dental treatment they receive with us.

On our website you will find many testimonials, photos and stories about their experiences.

Click here to read the many patient recommendations we have received >

Hand-Written Patient Reviews

Kreativ Dental Clinic Hand Written Reviews

Since May 2013 we have been publishing the hand-written review forms our patients fill in whilst they are at our clinic.

These forms give you an opportunity to see how our patients rate our services.

Click here to read the hand-written reviews >

UK Media and Press Coverage

Teeth Implants in Hungary

Since 2003 Kreativ Dental Clinic have been featured widely in the UK press and TV.

Television, Radio and Newspaper articles about people who travelled to Kreativ Dental for their treatment have featured in or on the BBC, The Times Newspaper, The Sun, BBC Radio 4, The Politics Show, Manchester Evening News and many many more.

We appreciate all the national and regional papers, television stations and journalists who have taken the time to write about Kreativ Dental

If you would like to read the articles and features click here >

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