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Kreativ Dental successfully renew their compliance with the "Dental Treatment Abroad Code of Practice"

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As dental tourism grows, increasing attention is being paid to issues such as quality of dental treatment abroad, accreditation of surgeons and dentists, hospitals and clinics. Sometimes these issues are raised by patients, and sometimes by professional bodies such as associations representing doctors, dentists and cosmetic surgeons.

Treatment Abroad is a leading independent company, who are aware of these concerns and are reinforcing the standards of the medical tourism through the Treatment Abroad Code of Practice

The code provides reassurance regarding key issues that concern those considering treatment overseas by endorsing, through a clear and unambiguous badge, the clinics, hospitals and intermediaries that meet the standards of the code of practice. The code is voluntary. We ask our clients to comply with the Treatment Abroad Code of Practice, and to self certify through a self assessment process, examining compliance with the code. The application is then reviewed and approved or declined by external assessors.

The objectives of the code are to:
Encourage the development of best practices amongst medical tourism agencies and healthcare providers.
Drive quality in the medical tourism sector.
Provide reassurance to patients about the services promoted on the Treatment Abroad site.
Enable us to combat some of the negative comments that may be directed at the medical tourism industry.

Kreativ Dental have renewed their compliance for another 2 years. Please click here to view the compliance renewal and supporting documentation.


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