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Dental Implants Abroad at Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest

With a mouthful of crowns, bridges, dental plates, veneers and more fillings than 'Subway' could ever dream of; all loosely underpinned with periodontal gum disease, things could not be described as satisfactory within my oral cavity.

The periodontal gum disease was noticed by my 'new' dentist following the retirement of the 'old' one and a hasty trip to a specialist was arranged. Following a 360 degree scan of my mouth it appeared as though the bone in my gums was much less dense than it should have been but still viable to insert a few implants which would serve as the foundation for some extensive dental rebuilding.

Having previously read an article on implants and the cost, I was under the impression the cost per implant was in the region of £1,000, (it had been determined I'd need a minimum of 8). I enquired about the likely cost and the response was a shock to say the least. The implant itself would cost slightly more than £1,500, and when you include the cost of the abutment and a crown
the total is closer to £3,000 per tooth.

I thanked him for the advice, paid the receptionist a few hundred pounds to cover the cost of his time and the scan and mumbled something about getting in contact to schedule the treatment once I'd discussed it with my wife.

£24,000 for the implants plus the additional cost of filling in the obvious gaps, lets call it £26,000. I now faced a choice between a set of perfect teeth, or perhaps a holiday cabin by the sea, neither of which I could afford.

The following day by chance I found myself listening to a radio phone in show discussing dental tourism and one of the clinics with a favourable review was Kreativ Dental in Budapest. Not a great name, but my hope was they might be creative on prices or offer an option to pay over an extended period of time. I later looked at their website and noticed the cost of a dental implant was £400 which compared very favourably to the average UK price of £1,600. I'd already saved myself £8,000 and after adding in the savings on abutments and crowns this figure quickly rose to almost £12,000.

I then looked at online reviews, as you'd imagine those published on the Kreativ Dental website were all excellent. Tripadvisor contained several, all of which were positive and even minor complaints were just that - minor. The biggest fear of receiving dental treatment overseas is 'what if it all goes wrong?' Kreativ had a couple of options, firstly, they would rectify any problems free of charge in Budapest. That's fine but if was in pain I wouldn't want to be waiting for flights etc to get me back to Budapest. What convinced me to proceed with Kreativ the was the fact they had clinics in London which would also deal with any problem free of charge. So I took them up on their free dental consultation and flight package offer. This included free accommodation, 360 degree scan, travel pass and transfers. In addition, the cost of flights are reimbursed (up to £150) if you subsequently choose to have treatment costing in excess of £1,500, even with the massive saving I was going to comfortably exceed this figure.

Dental clinic Budapest

I genuinely felt as though I had nothing to lose. Added to this, I'd never been to Budapest so wanted to take the opportunity of a cheap trip and do some sightseeing.

I have since made additional trips for subsequent stages of my treatment. Unfortunately, not even Kreativ Dental can extract teeth, insert implants, and create the perfect smile in one visit due to the healing period required. However, all this was covered in the initial consultation and treatment plan. Knowing when I needed to fly to Budapest well in advance, meant I could secure flights for as little as £58 return. They also have an agreement with three local hotels which charge their clients about £40 per night.

Utilising their services has proved to be one of the better decisions I've made in life. The clinic is purpose built with 'state of the art' equipment. Every element of the dentistry procedure is done 'in house' so if you required a couple of crowns, they would be made on the premises and probably fitted within 24 hours, rather than having to wait while they are being made elsewhere which is often the case in the UK.

I've now finished all my treatment and I'm delighted with the result. Even accounting for all my trips I saved somewhere in the region of £14,000 from the initial UK estimate, and I had the bonus of a few trips to the wonderful city of Budapest, which incidentally is a great place to explore, with a vibrant pavement cafe culture, numerous thermal baths / spas, excellent transport system and, if you happen to go in the middle of Winter I can highly recommend the Christmas Market, where cottage-style wooden stalls take over one of Budapest's most attractive spots in Vörösmarty Square.

Ignoring the considerable savings, the quality of treatment was excellent. Every stage was fully explained and and completed without any problems.

My dental treatment was necessary, not cosmetic, however I did have the opportunity to create two rows of ultra white teeth! I'm 54 years of age and I know many people seem to favour the gleaming ultra-white appearance, but I felt with a 'lived in face' I didn't want to have teeth looking as though they belonged to a 20 year old model. My dentist hit the nail on the head when he summed up my description of the appearance I was looking for by saying, 'you want teeth that people don't notice.' That's exactly what I wanted and what I ended up with, neat normal looking teeth, I couldn't be happier.

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