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Kreativ Dental - A life changing experience for me, by Lorraine Murphy

Dentistry Abroad at Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest

In 2012 Kreativ Dental ran a "Smile" competition giving the lucky winner the opportunity to win £4000 worth of dental treatment plus flights and accommodation. Lorraine Murphy from Middlesex was the lucky winner. She completed her treatment towards the end of 2013 and now shares her life changing experience and new smile in this exclusive article….

What made you decide to enter Kreativ Dental's Smile Competition?

I happened to be doing a random search on dental clinics abroad in February 2012 as I had heard that the prices abroad were significantly cheaper than the U.K. I came across Kreativ Dental and noticed that you were running the Smile Competition. I knew that I needed to have quite a lot of dental treatment and there was no way that I would have been able to afford it, but if I won the competition then I would be in with a chance of finally getting the work done that I needed, not only did I receive £4000 worth of treatment, but all of my flights and accommodation were included right up until my treatment was finished.

I was concerned initially about travelling abroad to receive dental treatment but once I arrived in Budapest and was taken to Kreativ by the taxi that met me at the airport my fears soon disappeared. The clinic in itself is amazing, far more high tech than any dental practise that I had been to in the U.K. The staff were fantastic from the girls on reception to the dental nurses. I cannot speak highly enough of my dentist Peter Magos who listened to my fears and concerns. I have a major fear of dental surgeries/dentists in general due to past experience but he completely put me at ease. I was spoken to in English at all times and everything was explained to me at my first consultation.

Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest

Would you tell us a little about your dental history?
In the past I experienced four failed bridges, I suffered with abscesses every six months and was forever on antibiotics. It seemed that every treatment that I had received from my dentist had gone wrong, it was only when I was referred to the hospital to have crowns and bridges removed that I decided that enough was enough and I sought help from a law firm and won on dental negligence.

What did your treatment at Kreativ Dental entail?
The first visit was for my consultation which consisted of a night in Budapest with my husband. The 2nd trip was for 3 days when I had 8 Alpha Bio implants and a sinus lift. The 3rd trip was also for 3 days, where I received treatment for the preparation of crowns, I also needed a root canal. The final trip, two weeks later, was for 5 days.

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What did you think of Budapest? What did you do during your free time?
My first consultation in June, my husband accompanied me, the weather was glorious, we did a spot of sightseeing, travelled on the Metro and trams and felt completely safe at all times. I highly recommend a day trip to Margaret Island. In the evening we travelled to Deak Ferenc where we enjoyed a lovely meal in the Hard Rock Café and a lovely boat trip along the river Danube. For my last treatment I had to travel to Budapest alone, I was a little nervous at first, but from previous experience in Budapest I knew that I would be fine. I even did a spot of sightseeing on my own, and went on one of the hop on hop off buses and felt totally safe.

What do you feel now that you have completed your treatment?
It still doesn't seem real that my treatment is actually complete. I am so happy and can't thank Kreativ Dental enough. This treatment really has changed my life for the better.

How would you describe your experience at Kreativ Dental?
It has been a life-changing experience for me, I lost a total of 12 teeth when I had my bridgework removed and this meant that I needed to wear a partial denture. I found it difficult to eat the foods I used to love, I found it difficult to talk and my confidence hit an all-time low. I stopped doing the things I enjoyed such as going to the gym because I was too embarrassed and just didn't feel comfortable around people. Thanks to the Kreativ Dental I can now eat and smile again with confidence.

What would you say to someone thinking about traveling to Budapest for dental treatment?
I would highly recommend Kreativ Dental to all of my family and friends. I would suggest that they went for the free consultation and see the clinic for themselves, they will not be disappointed. I really cannot fault the clinic and the staff in any way. Budapest is a wonderful city with so much to see and do.

Lorraine Murphy having dental treatment abroad at Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest


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