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Kreativ Dental Clinic is regarded as one of the best dental clinics in Europe.

The Kreativ Clinic was first established in May 1996. The new, purpose built surgery was opened in June 2007 and is the most advanced, purpose-built clinic in Europe. The Kreativ Clinic is a member of the Association of Advanced Hungarian Dental Clinics registered with the Hungarian Dental Association. It conforms to all the most stringent EU regulations including infection control and sterilization procedures. The company is licensed to Mrs Julia Knott Company Registration Number: 01-09-166554 and the Director is Mr Attila Knott.

As a Member of the EU, dental care in Hungary conforms to EU regulations. The Dentists who work at Kreativ have the highest qualifications obtained from Hungary's prestigious Dental Universities and have all worked abroad to gain international experience. Detailed profiles of our dentist's can be found on our website, please visit our dental team page.

Between 100 to 150 patients from the UK and Ireland are currently attending our Clinic each month and a total of more than 400 from across Europe and the rest of the world.
Our excellent reputation has been earned by the consistent high quality and outstanding results we provide our patients.

Testimonials can be viewed on our testimonial and review page, or if you wish to speak to a patient who has completed treatment please let us know and we will ask them to contact you.

Why are we the best dentist abroad

Dentistry Abroad at Kreativ Dental Clinic

Simple - It the quality of work we produce.

Kreativ Dental Clinic is at the forefront of Dentistry in Hungary and across Europe, our clinic is world class and we pride ourselves on the quality of our lab work who produce some of the finest porcelain work you will find anywhere in the world. Our dental and lab team are hand-picked from the best in Hungary and many have been with us for over a decade.

We ensure all our staff continue their professional development (CPD) by providing them with continuous training in our in-house Training Centre.

Recently we have had Herbert Thiel providing training to our lab team on the building of anatomically functional crowns and bridges and our dentists Dr. Christian Pilihaci and 3 of our ceramist technicians Anastasia Kovács, Andrea Varsányi and Zoltán Sugár recently attended an E.max porcelain course in Ivoclar Vivadent in Lichtenstein.

In 2011 we also introduced ARCUSdigma II, a high-tech 3D bite registration system that ensures patients a precision fit for all crowns, bridges, dentures and a comfortable and healthy bite. Since February 2011 Dr Ulrich Wegmann who is the Vice-Head of the Department for Preclinical Education and Dental Research at the Dental Faculty of the University of Bonn in Germany has been acting consultant with Kreativ Dental's Laboratory and Dental team for the successful introduction of this revolutionary new technique.


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