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New advances in cosmetic dentistry at Kreativ Dental Clinic in Hungary!

Kreativ Dental in Hungary are proud to announce the introduction of Smylist, a computer aided Smile Design program that allows you to see your new smile before any treatment even starts.

During the last ten years, the term 'smile design' has become commonly used in the ever more popular esthetic dental treatment.

However what does smile design really mean?

In day-to-day language, the phrase 'smile design' is used as the synonym of a dental care with aesthetic functions.

Nevertheless, smile design is in fact a procedure before the treatment commences.

Many factors play an important role in designing the perfect smile: tooth length, width, shape, relative proportions, hue, colour and more. The goal is to achieve facial harmony while also ensuring that functionality is not compromised. Every smile design session begins with photographs and cosmetic imaging to show how you would benefit from cosmetic dentistry. We create life-like, professional quality portraits, showing your current appearance and one with an improved smile. You may then compare the photos, share them with family and friends, and make decisions without any pressure.

Cosmetic and restorative dental work with porcelain veneers, dental implants, and dental crowns can be costly and time consuming; Smile Design gives you the peace of mind of knowing what your smile can look like when you're finished treatment.


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