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Patient Complaint Policy

Kreativ Dental is committed to improving the quality of patient care. We value your feedback and suggestions regarding our facilities, staff and services.

This information will be received in a constructive and positive way to improve and review services to our patients.

It is through your experience of our services and the feedback you provide us that we can address any issues that may have given you cause for dissatisfaction.

Our policy

It is the policy of Kreativ Dental to ensure that:

the Clinic provides a fair, full and impartial examination of any complaint

patients are facilitated in having the possibility to register a complaint

complaints are treated at all times with appropriate seriousness, sympathy and confidence

complaints are acted upon immediately and resolved as soon as possible

staff should make every effort to resolve the complaint at local level

all complaints are appropriately recorded

complaints are internally reviewed and discussed in order to improve service in the future

all written complaints are acknowledged within 3 working days

correspondence pertaining to complaints are retained on file Our procedure

Kreativ Dental Clinic recognises the importance of taking prompt appropriate action and aims to resolve complaints as they are reported.

Verbal complaints, where possible, will be dealt with immediately at local level. Verbal complaints in person should be addressed in a private area. The patient will be listened to carefully (with an interpreter present if the patient wishes) and the details of the complaint will be filed in the patient's record and complaints register. Where necessary the matter will be discussed with the Clinic's management and the patient will be contacted as soon as possible regarding an outcome or further action.

All written complaints received by Kreativ Dental Clinic will be acknowledged within 3 working days. When fully investigated a written reply will be issued to the complainant within 14 days.

In cases where it is not possible to reply within this time, an interim response will be sent informing the patient of the reason for the delay and advising when a reply can be expected. If the Kreativ office is closed an out of office reply will be automatically sent.

Patient confidentiality must be maintained at all times. If there is a need to disclose information to a third party, the normal rules of confidentiality must be respected.

Step 1:

Complaints of a minor nature should be raised immediately with front office staff with the aim of resolving the problem directly and informally. It is anticipated that the vast majority of complaints will be resolved in this way. This will generally be an oral process and a written record will not be made.

Step 2:

Kreativ Dental appreciates that in some instances a more formal approach is appropriate. You should write to the Clinic Director within 7 days documenting your complaint in a specific and comprehensive manner, and stating what reasonable steps you believe should be taken to resolve the complaint. You should expect acknowledgement of the written complaint withing 3 working days. Our aim is to resolve the complaint within 21 days.

Please bear in mind that complaints will not always produce the outcome preferred by the complainant. Whatever the decision, we undertake to inform you of the result and the reasons for the decision.

Please remember, your opinion matters to us and it is through feedback from our patients that we as dental care providers can improve our services and more importantly improve the quality of patient care.


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